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Sam Garula


Pesticide Industry Deployed Aggressive Lobby Effort to Quash Bee Protections

Bayer, Monsanto, and Syngenta are effectively “shaping new pollinator ‘protection’ plans nationwide that do little to protect bees, but a lot to protect industry profits.”

by Lauren McCauley, staff writer at

Despite the abundance of scientific studies documenting the rapid and dangerous decline of pollinator populations, state and federal lawmakers have yet to pass any […]

White House to Help the Humble Bee

By Juliet EilperinWashington Post

The humble bee — nuisance, threat, and linchpin of the American food supply — has won over the leader of the free world. And now President Obama is intervening on the bee’s behalf as its habitat dwindles.

On Tuesday, the Obama administration will announce the first National Strategy to Promote the Health of […]

Pennsylvania Winter Losses Exceed 60%!

[Preliminary results are available from the Bee Informed Partnership regarding the 2014/2015 winter colony losses as reported by beekeepers across the nation. Pennsylvania beekeepers reported a whopping 60.6% colony loss over the winter. The particularly cold winter contributed greatly to the die-offs. Only four other states–Oklahoma, Illinois, Iowa and Delaware–reported colony losses greater than PA’s. […]

Death and Extinction of the Bees

By Joachim Hagopian Global Research, May 20, 2015

Scientists have recently reported that mass extinctions of marine animals may soon be occurring at alarmingly rapid rates than previously projected due to pollution, rising water temperatures and loss of habitat. Many land species also face a similar fate for the same reasons. But perhaps the biggest […]

2015 National Colony Loss Survey Underway

Dr. Dennis vanEngelsdorp and Karen Rennich of the Bee Informed Partnership, through the University of Maryland, are asking for your involvement in the 2015 National Colony Loss Survey. In a recent email they said:

Beekeepers needed! Thank you for your interest in participating in the National Colony Loss Management Survey organized by the Bee Informed […]

CABA Beekeeping 101 Class Draws Hundreds

On Friday, February 20th, CABA conducted its mid-winter Beekeeping 101 class at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg.

More than 200 interested and would-be beekeepers packed the Susquehanna Room to capacity to learn more about our hobby. This is the second year in a row our club has sponsored this class.

The 101 class was developed by […]

Innovative Frame Design Simplifies Honey Extraction

Could a new frame invention ultimately replace the langstroth hive? Seem impossible? Don’t be too sure. An Australian company has developed and are now testing a new hive design meant to make the beekeepers job a world easier. Here’s how…

Hives used by beekeepers today by and large follow the Langstroth design with deep supers […]

Faulting EPA, Green Leaders Warn Obama: Bees Running Out of Time

A federal task force is moving too slow and the nation’s pollinators and food supply are at perilous risk, environmental NGOs tell president in urgent letter by Jon Queally, Common Dreams staff writer

They speak for the bees.

In a letter destined for President Obama on Thursday, eleven of the nation’s top environmental and public […]

Beneficial Pollinator Programs and Banning of Honey Bees on Local Lands

By Mike Thomas National Director, National Honey Bee Day

There is a slow yet methodical attack on honey bees and those who keep them, hidden in the very words used to garner support for pollinators in this country. And this attack, is from some of the very same environmental groups, entomologists, and agriculture extension personnel, whom beekeepers have fully supported […]

Policy Fight Looms As Agencies Treat Honeybees — a 17th-Century Import — As Exotic Invader

A bitter feud between beekeepers and federal land managers is coming to a head as the Obama administration prepares plans for stemming a steep decline in pollinators.

Under President Obama’s June executive order, federal agencies must submit reports to the White House by Dec. 20 defining how they will address insects and animals that spread […]