DIY Hive Plans

Build It Yourself
Plans for building hives, frames and more. This popular section of offers downloadable “build-it-yourself” plans in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

How to Build Your Own Bee Skep
For centuries, beekeepers have used “skeps,” carefully designed domed baskets, to house their hives. Now, by following these simple instructions, you can make your own skep bee hive.

How to Build A Top Bar Bee Hive
This PDF document contains detailed instructions (with lots of pictures) about how to build a top bar bee hive.

Hybrid Top Bar Hive The idea for this hive came about from talks with Dennis Murrell in Wyoming. The two things I have heard over and over from other TBH users has been the fact the bees can and will attach the comb to the sides of the hive interior when only top bars are used. Various methods have been shared on how people break this attachment to allow for the removal of the comb and top bar. The other comment was how fragile the comb is and how easy it can break off the top bar.

[Ed.- Here are some great photos of the top bar design by our very own Jim Davis. Jim’s top bar hives look like this from the outside, have lots of frames on the inside and make this shape comb for brood and honey.]