Bee Culture
The online version of this popular beekeepers periodical.

Bee Strains and Races
A compilation of the effects of bee strain on behavior

BeeThinking – The Discerning Beekeeper
Bee Thinking is the largest up-to-date directory of bee related resources on the internet. We strive to provide an intuitive, community-driven environment that allows you, the user, to find and submit information easily.

Beedata from the United Kingdom
Bee Information Website for both beginner and proficient beekeepers. It has the latest University Bee Research and a globally produced bi-monthly E-Bee Newsletter. Subscription is free and automatic.

Beekeeping Wiki
An exhaustive collection of beekeeping know-how.

Honey proves a better option for childhood cough than OTCs
Now that the safety and effectiveness of children’s cough medicines are in question, what can parents do to help their child deal with a troublesome cough?

Life Without Bumblebees? It’s Not Just Honeybees That Are Mysteriously Dying
Bombus franklini, a North American bumblebee, was last seen on August 9, 2006. Professor Emeritus Robbin Thorp, an entomologist at UC Davis, was doing survey work on Mt. Ashland in Oregon when he saw a single worker on a flower, Sulphur eriogonum, near the Pacific Crest Trail. He had last seen the bee in 2003…

National Honey Bee Awareness Day, August 21, 2010
The National Honey Bee Awareness Day (NHBAD), also known as National Honey Bee Day, is the first ever day completely dedicated to Honey Bee Awareness from a national effort. This year, on Aug 22nd, we are asking for all state and county associations and bee clubs, to participate in local events tailored to educating,
and connecting with the community.