Queen Rearing

The most essential part of any bee colony, of course, is the queen bee. Without a strong, healthy queen chances of a colony surviving are diminished considerably. Buying queens can be an expensive proposition, especially if you have lots of bee hives.

To help reduce costs and improve bee genetics in their bee colonies, many beekeepers have taken up the art of growing their own queens. While this may seem beyond the capabilities of the average beekeeper, many are surprised at just how easy it is to make queens to use in rejuvenating old colonies or making splits for new colonies. Either way, queen rearing is becoming an increasingly more important aspect of today’s beekeeper management of honeybee colonies.

The following videos demonstrate various techniques used by beekeepers to make and install new queen honeybees.


Make Your Own Queen Cell Cups

Make Your Own Queen Bee Grafting Tool

Grafting And Raising Queen Honeybees

How To Make Queen Cells Part 1

How To Make Queen Cells Part 2