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2014 Leadership


Linda Purcell - President
John Novinger - Vice-President
Deborah Buckfelder - Secretary
Scott Plank - Treasurer

Executive Board

Jonathan Daniels
Sam Garula
Jim Hoover
Tom Jones
John Novinger

Jonathan Daniels - Programs Chair

Sam Garula - Webmaster/Curator


CABA – About Us

This is web home for the Capital Area Beekeeper’s Association headquartered in Harrisburg Pennsylvania. We serve beekeepers professional and hobbyist alike in Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Juniata, Lebanon and Perry counties.

Our members represent all levels of expertise. We welcome new beekeepers to join us and benefit from the wealth of experience and know-how represented by our members, many of whom operate large scale apiaries both private and commercial. We are beginners and professionals alike sharing our observations and experiences about bee activities.

In early spring we offer a 2 Day Short Course on Beekeeping covering all aspects of the craft from A to Z. Taught by our most experienced members, the class is very popular and draws attendees from all around the mid-Atlantic states. In addition, attendees hear from scientists and researchers about the latest findings in bee science and colony management study.

Our Mentor Program offers new and casual beekeepers the opportunity to learn and employ apiary practices which lead to healthy bee colonies and highest quality hive product. These at-the-hive teaching sessions are designed to help new beekeepers develop a best practice approach to hive care and serve to promote enjoyment in beekeeping. Our occasional Queen Rearing Class takes beekeeping to the next level by teaching enrollees how to grow their own queens to create new colonies or rejuvenate old ones.

Bees are susceptible to disease and pests. Knowing what to look for and how to treat problems is an important aspect of beekeeping. To support our best practice approach we offer members a Healthy Hive Review at any time. Staffed by advanced level beekeepers, these volunteers review member hives to assess bee health and teach best practices. By providing this service we hope to identify new threats early and reduce colony losses from disease and other factors.

To keep the public up to date about beekeeping we have a Speakers Bureau of knowledgeable members who talk bees to local civic groups, 4H Clubs, church groups, garden centers, schools, farmers markets and other organizations. If you would like to host a bee talk, send an email to BeeTalk.

Each year CABA helps plan and execute beekeeping related activities at Pennsylvania’s annual Farm Show in January. Many of our members are instrumental in preparations for the week-long event held at the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg. In addition to organizing displays of Pennsylvania’s finest blue-ribbon honey and hive products, CABA members staff a honeybee learning center and demonstrate honey extraction for the 400,000+ visitors who attend the Farm Show each year.

We meet September through March at the Farm Show Complex. Each meeting features a presentation from leaders in the study and practice of beekeeping. These expert presentations cover many aspects of beekeeping and provide members with the latest data and know-how. The public is always welcome to attend!

We proudly support the activities and mission of the Pennsylvania State Beekeeper’s Association.

If you would like to become a member of the Capital Area Beekeeper’s Association we invite you to email us at JoinCABA for full details.

Bee seeing you soon!

The 2015 Farm Show Blue Ribbon Award for Best Beekeeping Exhibit!

Many thanks to those who designed, built, contributed honey products, and donated “behind the scenes” time and muscle to make this happen for our club. Congratulations!