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Beekeeper Swap

Welcome to the “Beekeeper Swap” page, a new feature* at the Capital Area Beekeepers Corner.

Often times is the case that beekeepers accumulate lots and lots of beekeeping paraphernalia like hive bodies, frames, wax foundation, etc over the years. Eventually they run out of space to keep all this stuff; which is the purpose of this new page: To help beekeepers sell/swap hive-ware and other beekeeping related items with those looking to buy.

To list your items, send email to When I receive your list of beekeeping items for sale, I’ll post them here. Remember to include a brief, accurate description of each item, how much you’re selling it for and other useful info. Include contact information like preferred email address, where items are located and a phone number.

I don’t publish contact information. Instead, I forward buyer inquires directly to the seller. As items sell, I update the page to keep it current and fresh. It’s as easy as that!

There’s no charge for this service! I’m more interested in helping Central PA beekeepers sell equipment they don’t use or no longer need; while at the same time help new and established beekeepers find good quality hive ware etc within the mid-state.

If you are a Central PA beekeeper looking to buy items listed, send email to the address mentioned above. Include your contact info.

If you have suggestions or questions about this service, send me an email.
Listing 4/10/16: SOLD

Location: Duncannon
Quantity Item Description Condition Price
6 10 frame deep supers w/ frames (some drawn comb) Good $10 ea
7 9 frame medium supers w/ frames (some drawn comb) Good $10 ea
4 5 frame nucs w/ top feeders & frames (some drawn comb) Good $10 ea
3 Inner covers Good $1 ea
2 Screened inner covers Good $2 ea
1 Queen excluder New $5






* The Capital Area Beekeepers Corner makes no warranty and implies no guarantee regarding items listed. All transaction terms and conditions are between buyer and seller.